5 Reasons You Should Shut The Hell Up And Admit You Love Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin and spice and everything nice: that’s what lattes are made of. Or at least that’s what those secretive baristas would have you believe.


It turns out there’s not even really pumpkin in those lattes. Or should I say lie-ttes?

Yes. I should.


But who cares! It’s tasty, it’s got caffeine in it, and it will keep you warm as the chill of fall creeps into your lonely bones. Remember, when it comes to the changing seasons, there are so many things worse than a delightful cinnamon beverage.


So shut up for one second about all the basic bitches and focus on the real issues, like these 5 seasonal changes worse than the PSL:

Infinity Scarves:

First debuted after the girl scout sash factory shut down, the infinity scarf is basically a hula hoop on muscle relaxers. For people with cold necks who don’t want to splurge for two ends on their scarves.

You're worth it
You’re worth it

Space Invaders:

Millions upon millions of crawly critters have lost their summer homes to the chill, but thankfully they just found a great place on Airbnb to crash during the winter months: literally everywhere in your house. Your three-bedroom is now a thousand-and-three-bedroom, and they’re not even chipping in on the utilities.

And you thought your current roommates were annoying…

The Dark Side:

The days are getting shorter, which is basically the sun’s way of saying we should see other people. Fall’s dark and frosty mornings are the polar opposite of “fun in the sun.”


“Shark in the dark?”

It’s terrifying…

Pale Storm:

Best friend of darkness, pale skin is the disease for the season. That beautiful irradiated skin you worked on all summer is not long for this world. Unless you frequent tanning salons, in which case the changing seasons are the least of your concerns.


The Flaming Lips:

I’m not going to bore you with my extensive knowledge of osmotic diffusion, but trust me when I say the cold weather literally sucks the moisture out of your body. I’m currently working on a theory that the chapstick conglomerates purposefully caused global warming to create colder, drier winters, but until I can get media coverage and expose those fat cats at Burt’s Bees, protect your kisser at all costs.

Cult classic or subliminal advertising? Wake up, America!
Cult classic or subliminal advertising? Wake up, America!

I hope you’ve learned something here today about what’s important in life. Fall is dark and full of terrors, so make sure to be on the lookout for these 5 perils of the season. And don’t forget, on occasion, to stop and smell the lattes.

Fry guzzling coffee

13 Signs Your Roommate Needs A Romantic Intervention

Roommates are like snowflakes. Each one is unique, fragile, and leaves the toothpaste just sitting out next to the sink even though the second cabinet shelf is clearly designated as the toothpaste shelf! I can only leave so many passive-aggressive notes…

Verbally delivered notes...
I’ve moved on to verbally delivered notes…

And while a good roommate can become your best friend, even the best can fall victim to dating induced hysteria. And I’m not talking about the 1800’s definition.

Wink wink nudge nudge

So to help you figure out when enough is enough and you need to have a serious discussion (or gentle massage) with your living partner, here are

14 Signs Your Roommate Needs A Romantic Intervention:

  1. He has a minifridge specifically for his cologne


2. Tinder has caused her to set no fewer than four actual fires

3. You’ve been awakened multiple times by the rhythmic creaking of his bedsprings… and his gentle weeping


4. You’ve caught herĀ listening through the wall to the neighbor couple’s pillow talk

5. He’s writing The Notebook fanfiction

What does that even mean, Ryan?! Your dialogue is terrible!
What does that even mean, Ryan?! Your dialogue is terrible!

6. She bought her last match a pet dog on their second date

7. Her last match ended up being a surprisingly well trained dog in a trench coat

Wishbone was very convincing

8. He’s more concerned about swiping than Dora the Explorer

9. Last Valentine’s Day, he hired a Cupid impersonator to follow him around and shoot his crushes with arrows


10. He’s in significant debt from battling Cupid-arrow related lawsuits

11. You’ve heard her practicing her sexy moaning before her dates


12. After her last break up, she bought night vision goggles, which she insists are for nocturnal bird watching

13. He’s become overly investedĀ in your romantic life


So that’s it; the key to a drama-free roommate relationship. All you need to do is keep an eye out for those red flags and have your intervention banners at the ready.

And just remember, whatever happens, let’s not get hysterical…

Matchmake My Day – Setting Up Your Friends Makes You Happier!

Don’t tell Aldous Huxley, but we’re living in a brave new world. A world where computers tell you who to love, and romance has been replaced by binary decision-tree matrices and punch cards. Call me old fashioned, but the only punch cards I want in my romantic life are the ones that get you free sub-sandwiches.

Do they even still have those anymore?
Do they even still have those anymore?

I’m not sure when exactly we made the leap from letting our computers handle the simple stuff like our financial systems and ballistic missiles to letting them handle the important things like our romantic lives and cat pictures. I do know that in doing so, we gave up one of the keys to our happiness as humans.

That cat is a national treasure!
That cat is a national treasure!

According to NPR’s social science correspondent, Shankar Vedantam, a new study has shown that people who play matchmaker for their friends experience an increase in happiness. And this mood boost gets bigger with the unlikelihood of the match.


But with the rise of internet dating, you miss out on these odd matches. When you tell a computer your likes and dislikes, it will pair you up with someone exactly like you because computers only do exactly what you tell them (at least until The Matrix happens).

No comment

So if you’re feeling down about your digitized love-life, at the very least get your friends involved in the game. Let them advise you on how best to use your swipes. Download SparkStarter and let them match you up all day long. Or even go all out and have them introduce you to a real-live person. It’s got all the same perks as online dating without the carpal tunnel.


Whatever the case, start matching up your friends, and grab a piece of that happiness pie before the pie-powered robots hear about it.

-David S