Matchmake My Day – Setting Up Your Friends Makes You Happier!

Don’t tell Aldous Huxley, but we’re living in a brave new world. A world where computers tell you who to love, and romance has been replaced by binary decision-tree matrices and punch cards. Call me old fashioned, but the only punch cards I want in my romantic life are the ones that get you free sub-sandwiches.

Do they even still have those anymore?
Do they even still have those anymore?

I’m not sure when exactly we made the leap from letting our computers handle the simple stuff like our financial systems and ballistic missiles to letting them handle the important things like our romantic lives and cat pictures. I do know that in doing so, we gave up one of the keys to our happiness as humans.

That cat is a national treasure!
That cat is a national treasure!

According to NPR’s social science correspondent, Shankar Vedantam, a new study has shown that people who play matchmaker for their friends experience an increase in happiness. And this mood boost gets bigger with the unlikelihood of the match.


But with the rise of internet dating, you miss out on these odd matches. When you tell a computer your likes and dislikes, it will pair you up with someone exactly like you because computers only do exactly what you tell them (at least until The Matrix happens).

No comment

So if you’re feeling down about your digitized love-life, at the very least get your friends involved in the game. Let them advise you on how best to use your swipes. Download SparkStarter and let them match you up all day long. Or even go all out and have them introduce you to a real-live person. It’s got all the same perks as online dating without the carpal tunnel.


Whatever the case, start matching up your friends, and grab a piece of that happiness pie before the pie-powered robots hear about it.

-David S

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